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Accelerate Your Customer Service Development with Customer First

Here at Customer First we're not just about Accreditation. Since our inception back in 2004 we have helped thousands of organisations of all sizes and from many different sectors with their customer service strategy helping them to embed a culture of exceptional customer service.

We can provide many ways to support your organisation along its customer service journey. Our approach is always tailored to your needs - we don't push a "standard, one size fits all" solution.

Here are just some of the ways in which we can help:

Explain The Standard

Delivering Presentations to your Management Team or Staff to Explain The Standard And Its Impact On Your Organisation

Bespoke Workshops

Developing and Leading Specialised Workshops to Support Your Business Needs


Mentoring Individuals or Your Wider Teams to Enhance Your Customer Service Culture 


Providing Direct Consultancy to Advise and Support Your Strategy and Planning and Assist with Any Areas Identified for Improvement

Customer Journey Mapping

Support your Teams in Developing Robust Customer Journey Mapping and Supporting Processes


Support You in Scoping and Delivering Surveys Which are Focused on Employee or Customer Loyalty to Determine the Primary Drivers

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