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Who We Are

Customer First UK is the awarding body for ‘Putting the Customer First’ – the National Standard for Customer Service.  Organisations who are striving to achieve Customer First are sending out a strong clear message to their customers, employees, wider stakeholders and their competitors that they are putting customers at the heart of what they do, by making customer service excellence a business priority.

In 2004 the Customer First Standard was born out of a Government initiative to improve levels of service in the business services sector and is now recognised as The National Standard for Customer Service. It has been adopted by thousands of organisations over at least 20 different sectors and is consistently raising awareness of customer service through its assessments and partnerships.

Since 2016 Customer First UK Ltd. has been wholly owned and managed by our CEO, Ted Stone.

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Meet Our Team

Here at Customer First UK Ltd. we are a small but perfectly formed organisation. Our core team is supplemented by our team of self-employed independent Associates. That means you, our customers are just paying for the services you choose rather than subsidising the administrative costs of an over-bloated organisation.



Chief Executive Officer

Our charismatic CEO personnally leads all our customer enagements.


Finance Manager

Looks after our invoicing and other financial queries.


Customer Relationship Manager

Oversees all our day to day relationships with our customers.

Our Independent Associates

Our team of independent Associates supplement our core team and are located throughout the UK. Their primary role as Licensed Practitioners ensures that our assessment service is both robust and truly independent.


If you are interested in becoming a Licenced Practitioner then please get in touch by clicking here.

  • What is "Putting the Customer First" Standard?
    ‘Putting the Customer First®’ is the National Standard for Customer Service. It focuses you on building outstanding customer service cultures and delivery methods by looking at your customers interface with, and experience of your organisation. There are three key parts for you to work through, each encompassing a series of specific quality Statements which include; Building Successful Long Term Customer Relationships, Maximising Marketing & Market Awareness and Developing your People.
  • What impact will Customer First have?
    The Customer First Standard is a proven tool used to improve and develop customer service operations across all levels of a business, from strategic to operational. Customer First will have a positive impact to your business; we know this because our research tells us so. Achieving the Standard and using the support available will deliver a strong ROI; from increased financial profits to improved customer loyalty you will be sure to see improvements to your customer relationships and service delivery operations.
  • How do I go about becoming "Accredited" to Customer First?
    Firstly, speak to a Customer Relationship Manager. They will be able to support your understanding of the Customer First Standard in more detail, as well as scope your organisation to get an idea of your costs. The process is so simple; all you have to do is make a commitment, undertake Accreditation Visit when our Licenced Practioner will work through our Diagnostic Assessment which will give you a Development Report & Action Plan.
  • Do we have to fill in lots of documents or surveys?
    No, our approach is about people not paperwork. We know that customer service is more about people than paperwork, so why spend your time gathering documents and doing unnecessary preparation. Our Diagnostic Assessment approach will allow you to start your customer service improvement right now.
  • What are the possible outcomes of assessment?
    Compliant – You fully meet all 30 areas of the Customer First Standard are now Accredited! Partially Compliant – You meet some but not all of the criteria so further work will need to take place in order to achieve Compliance. Further action plans will be detailed by your assessor and an agreement will take place between you and your Assessor to re-visit your organisation to be re-assessed (usually within 6 months).
  • Do I have to accredit my whole organisation?
    No, not necessarily. You can choose to ring fence accreditation to one or more Departments, Business Units, Locations, etc.
  • How long will the accreditation period last?
    2 years from the date of your organisation being found fully compliant. Obviously people and circumstances change over time so re-accreditation is required every 2 years.
  • What other services do you offer to help support my customer service improvements?
    Customer First offers a suite of support services to help you diagnose and improve your customer service delivery. Tailored services such as workshops and consultancy will give you the support to focus on Customer First Accreditation and Customer Service improvements. Our Training provides impactful and practical training for your teams and Speaking opportunities will provide inspiration, entertaining and engaging impact.
  • Do you offer memberships?
    No, we believe that the practical support and Accreditation we deliver provides far greater, longer term benefits to our customers than the generic benefits associated with a membership model.
  • Do we have to pursue Accreditation, or can we just engage with you for your support?
    We are happy to work with you on any level - whatever helps you further develop your Customer Service strategy. Often, we find customers will start with our support services then choose to undertake Accreditation assessment.
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