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"Customer First UK would like to invite you to find out more about ‘Putting the Customer First®’ – The National Standard for Customer Service, in one of our complimentary Intro Workshops"
Putting the Customer First®

Schedule of Workshops

Since the COVID pandemic we have moved our introductory workshops entirely on-line.

To enquire about our introductory workshops, or to secure a place, get in touch via our contact page, here.



Bespoke Workshops


Have you been considering a bespoke workshop within your organisation?


Contact Customer First and let us utilise the broad expertise offered by our team to deliver a workshop that will address the specific needs of your organisation as well as the trends and issues we are identifying within your industry sector.


Our bespoke workshops will allow you to strengthen your message and ensure that it aligns with the strategic direction of your sector for optimal results.

To enquire about our bespoke workshops get in touch via our contact page, here.

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