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"Our Diagnostic Assessment leads to a stronger business, healthier performance and improved relationships"
Putting the Customer First®

It’s about People… not Paperwork

We know that customer service is more about people than paperwork, so why spend your time gathering documents and doing unnecessary preparation. Our Diagnostic Assessment Method will allow you to start your customer service improvement now.

Whatever your organisation’s size, sector or specialisation, focusing on your customers at every step of the way is crucial to your on-going success. Excellence at the customer interface is the key to building your business, establishing a real competitive advantage, winning more customers and maximising your customers’ loyalty for future growth.


This leads to a stronger business, healthier performance and improved relationships.


The Customer First UK team will be able to diagnose your service improvement needs and support you every step of the way, enabling you to gain a nationally recognised Customer Service Accreditation.

What will the Diagnostic Assessment do for us?

Through a simple assessment process we will identify your service strengths, your development needs and add value and growth in 3 distinct areas;


  1. Customer Relationship Building

  2. Marketing & Market Awareness

  3. People Development


Our highly experienced Customer First Practitioners are on hand to delve into your customer service approaches and operations to examine the following:


  • Your customer groups

  • Your customers’ needs

  • Your customer service culture and how well it is embedded

  • Your strategic strengths and areas for improvement

  • How well your customer service operations, processes and systems work

  • Employee engagement levels

  • Opportunities to build customer retention


How does the Diagnostic Assessment work?

No pre-assessment preparation is needed!


The steps are really simple and effective, by undergoing a Diagnostic Assessment you will embark on 3 key steps:


  1. Diagnostic Assessment – You will undergo an immediate on-site diagnostic assessment with a Customer First Practitioner. This process will allow you to establish your compliance levels (service strengths) and partial compliance levels (areas for development)

  2. Development – You will be given an in-depth report and strategic plan for developing or strengthening your service approaches. We will ensure you have the right tools to do this and provide support every step of the way.

  3. Achieving Accreditation – Once you have actioned all development areas you will undergo an Accreditation Review to gain compliance. Once compliant, you will receive a promotional pack which includes the Putting the Customer First logo’s to add to your website and communications, an exclusive and dedicated page on the Customer First website and a number of opportunities to share your experience with others in the customer service arena, helping you to raise your profile!

It’s that simple. Don’t spend your time guessing which activities will optimise your customer interactions.
Contact us here today and plan your Diagnostic Assessment.

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