"When it comes to The Standard, the 3 key milestones are: building customer relationships, maximising market awareness and developing your people"
Putting the Customer First®

About The Standard

Your journey to achieving the Standard is focused on three pillars of business planning that look at the strategic, tactical and operational delivery of your organisation . The key milestones along your journey include:


  • Building Customer Relationships

    • How do you identify and then meet your customers' needs?

    • How do you follow up with your customers?

    • What practices are in place to deal effectively with customer complaints and queries​​

  • Maximising Market Awareness

    • What is your approach to understanding the market?

    • How is the target market identified?

    • How are your services improved and new ones developed to better meet your customers' needs?

  • Developing your People

    • How do your people understand and assess customers' requirements?

    • Are your recruitment methods ensuring you have the best person for each position?

    • How do you ensure that your people are continually developing their skills so they can provide the best service to your customers?